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Pa. Launches the Pennsylvania Strategic Investments to Enhance Sites Program (PA SITES)

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

ICYMI: Governor Shapiro Launches New Economic Development Strategy to Make Pennsylvania a Leader in Job Creation and Innovation, Reignite the Commonwealth’s Economy

September 27, 2023

Harrisburg, PA – Yesterday, Governor Josh Shapiro and Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Rick Siger visited PennAir in York to launch the Commonwealth’s first comprehensive economic development strategy in nearly two decades.

As part of the announcement, Governor Shapiro launched a new pilot program called PA SITES (Pennsylvania Strategic Investments to Enhance Sites) that will provide $10 million in grant funding to conduct site assessments and prepare them for remediation. The pilot PA SITES program was created thanks to an additional $13 million in PA First funding the Governor fought for – and secured – in the 2023-24 bipartisan budget.

Starting next week, the Shapiro Administration will hold listening sessions with business and economic development leaders across Pennsylvania to ensure their feedback is heard and incorporated into the creation of the strategy.

Read what Pennsylvania leaders are saying about the Shapiro Administration’s first statewide economic development strategy in nearly two decades:

  • DCED Secretary Rick Siger: “This is an exciting day for the future of economic and community development in Pennsylvania. The new pilot PA SITES program is an important example of how the Shapiro Administration has listened to feedback from the economic development and business communities and turned it into action. The funding for this program, made possible because Governor Shapiro fought for more economic development resources in the 2023-24 budget, will enhance sites across the Commonwealth and better position us to win business investments that will boost the economy and create jobs here in Pennsylvania.”

  • Chief Transformation Officer Ben Kirshner: “Under Governor Shapiro’s leadership we are going on offense to compete in the economy of today and position Pennsylvania for the economy of tomorrow. We know that in order to compete we need a government that moves at the speed of business and provides the business community with the predictability and speed to market they need to thrive.”

  • CEO of PennAir Seth Bray: “For years, our organization has witnessed Pennsylvania’s struggle to retain and attract businesses, often losing to other states. PennAir is honored to play a small part in an announcement that levels the playing field to make Pennsylvania not just a player, but a leader in today’s competitive economy. We look forward to a bright future for small-to-medium sized businesses like ours, and a more stable future for all Pennsylvanians.”

  • President & CEO of the York County Economic Alliance Kevin Schreiber: “Today’s exciting announcement will have an immeasurable return on investment for our Commonwealth’s economic competitiveness. As a countywide economic development organization, we know this plan will help us best leverage our assets and empower the diverse communities across our Commonwealth for success.”

  • President of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Angela Ferritto: “Governor Shapiro committed to taking a strategic approach to economic development, and this comprehensive strategy shows the governor is keeping his promise. By seeking input from diverse stakeholders, including unions, Governor Shapiro shows he is in tune with the needs of hardworking Pennsylvanians who want better pay and benefits to improve the lives of their families and the vibrancy of their communities. We applaud this initiative and look forward to being at the table as it takes shape in the coming months.”

  • President & CEO of Team Pennsylvania Abby Smith: “Team Pennsylvania is thrilled to work with the Commonwealth and Governor Shapiro, using our collaborative approach to unlock this plan’s potential. Strengthening PA’s economic competitiveness requires long-term vision and commitment plus meaningful engagement across sectors and communities, goals which clearly align with Team PA’s mission. We look forward to an aspirational and dynamic plan that creates opportunity for all Pennsylvanians.”

📌 See what Pennsylvanians are reading about the Shapiro Administration’s commitment to making Pennsylvania a national leader in economic development, job creation, and innovation:


Governor’s Press Office,



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